WHMCS v7.6.1 Nulled original download and happy version authorized installation
August 11, 2018

WHMCS v7.6.1 Nulled original download and happy version authorized installation

Software Description:
WHMCS is a popular foreign domain name host management software, which is designed to be very user-friendly in terms of user management, financial management, domain name interface, and server management panel interface. WHMCS is a one-stop management software that fully supports domain name registration management analysis, host provisioning management, VPS provisioning management and server management.

Special feature:
Finance - support multiple currencies, automatically generate bills;
automation - online payment, refund, automatic domain name host;
easy to use - refreshing interface, support for multiple languages ​​(Chinese need to download Chinese translation package);
product settings - Freely defined by month, by year, etc., can be set to open mail;
back-end support - perfect work order system;
module - support to open, pause, delete, upgrade, resolve domain name, etc.;
custom - support custom template, CSS , order, language, etc.;
interface - front desk order page supports a variety of template selection;
payment - support Paypal and other mainstream payment methods (Alibaba and other domestic payment tool plug-ins need manual integration);
referral - have their own referral system, users pass Promotional connection purchase referrals can be commissioned;
secondary development - providing development templates and API documentation.

system requirement:
– PHP Version 5.6.x or higher
– MySQL Version 5.5.x or higher
– Curl Support (with SSL support)
– GD Image Library
– ionCube Loaders 6.0.4 and higher

Brief steps for WHMCS installation:
1. Decompress the file (if the server supports decompression, you can upload the compressed package and decompress it online)
2. Rename the file configuration.php.new to configuration.php
3. Upload all the files in the whmcs folder to the website – if There is a problem, use binary upload
4, you can arbitrarily name the installation directory (for example, billing, clients, etc.)
5. Access the installation script to install - If you encounter Ioncube related error information, please refer to the installation steps of installing Ioncube
6. Follow the prompts To install, you need to modify the permissions of the folder as described below, enter the license key, and set the administrator account.
7. After the completion, delete the installation directory, modify the permissions of the configuration.php file to 644
8. Folders and files that need to be modified (if it is suPHP or PHPSuExec do not need to be modified):
/configuration.php Modified to 777 writable
/ Attachments modified to 777 writable
/downloads modified to 777 writable
/templates_c modified to 777 writable

Recommended steps after WHMCS installation
1. Log in to the management background, configure General Settings (Configuration > General Settings)
2. Set Payment Gateways
3. Configure Products and Services
4. Configure Domain Pricing
5, set up the work department (Configuration > Support Departments)
6, set up mail push, use WHMCS to manage mail
7, set up automatic tasks (Configuration > Automation Settings)
8, test whether the function is normal
9, set configuration.php to 444 Read only.

WHMCS 7 original download
File information
File name: whmcs-7.6.0-release.1.zip
MD5 Checksum: ff689a081d4249e86386eb79531a52e9
SHA256 Checksum: 811e342c57c8fdba9018eba5ba7117154ec1538267f34ecfc9791adb302e10c6

Baidu network disk

Official download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/releases.whmcs.com/v2/pkgs/whmcs-7.6.0-release.1.zip

WHMCS 7 happy patch
Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1i4DMlpz Password: ukrx


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