4 best things to buy now
August 22, 2017

4 best things to buy now

Saving is always nice, right? Yes, because to own same thing at a lower cost is what make us smart. You can easily enjoy some per cent off sale during third or forth quarter of the year, starting from September to December. This happen because some items as subject to change. Even more exciting when some of your dream items may also at a big discount. Below are some of the best deal.

1. Previous generation of iPhone

As Apple about to announce its new generation early in September, the current generation will plummet its price. While the new is expected to cost from $1,000 to $1300 in Cambodia, the old one may lower at least $100.


Without lower the specification and quality, you can enjoy the lower price of any size of your dream laptop.

Some great places to find deals on 15-inch laptops with current-generation Intel Skylake processors include Cowboom, Dell Home, Newegg and Lenovo. For those shopping for an Apple laptop, Sakraida recommends looking at Best Buy, eBay and Micro Center rather than the Apple Store, which is only offering a free pare of headphones to qualifying students who buy a MacBook or iPad Pro. If you’d prefer a brand-new model, head to Best Buy for a $100 sale on a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro.

3. Air conditioners

Because it’s a rainy season and almost every model is subject to clearance, shopping for home cooling products could land you awesome deals at this time of year since stores are trying to clear out bulky warehouse items.

“When cool weather comes around, most people just aren’t into air-conditioner purchasing, so the demand drops, as does the price,” Diane Ritchey, editor of Home Appliance magazine told Bankrate. JCPenney currently has a deal going right now for a LG window air conditioner, and promo code FRIDGE7 will net you an extra 10% off.

4.Plane Tickets

Online ticket booking. Boarding pass on laptop keyboard. 3d

While it may seem early to be thinking about holiday travel, it’s actually the perfect time. “The end of September and beginning of October are when you should start watching and shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas flights,” Dara Continenza, a mobile project manager for the travel app Hopper, said in an email interviewWhen Hopper analyzed three years of data, they found the best prices could be found 80 days before Christmas. Plus, booking your Thanksgiving flight six weeks ahead could net you average domestic roundtrip airfares of $287, compared with $341 if you book at the last minute.

Hopper’s analysis of flight data shows roundtrip domestic flights are expected to decline 2.1% in September, coming down to an average price of $217 compared with $222 in August. Prices are expected to bottom out in October at an average price for a domestic trip of $216, as consumer demand for travel declines when kids are in school. Plus, this time of year falls between prime travel seasons for popular destinations — in the off-season, you can score bargains on top national and international destinations such as Florida, the Caribbean, Columbia and Costa Rica.

For August flights, we found pretty inexpensive flights to Ft. Myers, Tampa and Palm Beach with savings up to 24% over normal prices,” Continenza said. Competition from low-cost carriers is also helping to lower prices. You could score September flights for weekend trips to Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and London for prices in the low $300s if you’re flexible on dates, Continenza added.


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